2019 Try-Outs

Northern Nevada ODP Tryouts will take place in July and August 2019. 

Open tryouts have closed.  If you are a player that missed Open tryouts but would like to participate in Northern Nevada ODP, please Contact Us

Who Can Tryout?

Boys and Girls with birth years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 from all local leagues and teams are eligible to tryout.  Players that reside outside Northern Nevada may also tryout (Truckee, South Lake Tahoe, etc).  Please note that there is not a 2009 Northern Nevada ODP team.  2009 players will be trying out for recommendation for regional pool and in rare cases may be selected for the 2008 Northern Nevada pool.  We will be selecting 2009 players for Northern Nevada Select teams.

Can I play on my club team and ODP team?

Yes, absolutely.  That is encouraged and most of the players that participate in Northern Nevada ODP will also be playing for their local club teams.  Northern Nevada ODP training sessions will be on Sundays to minimize conflicts with any of our players club team schedules.

Do I need permission from my Club Coach to tryout for ODP?

No, you can participate in ODP without getting permission of your club coach.  However, we recommend that you talk with your coach and let them know your are interested in playing ODP so they can plan their season without conflicts for the ODP Championships or our friendly game weekend.

Who will be coaching my Northern Nevada ODP team? 

Our coaches will be selected and signed to contacts around the time of the player pool selections (after the 2nd tryout).  Team coaches will not be assigned to age or gender teams in which they coach a club team.  To be considered for a coaching position a head coach must have a minimum of a C coaching license, to be considered for an assistant coach position a D license.

How are Players Selected?

Players will be selected for teams based on their birth year.  If they play up an age group with their club team, they still will be evaluated only for their birth year team.  Players and Parents may not request to play up.  In the rare case that a player is asked to play up, it will be at the sole discretion of our Coaching Director.  Players are selected based on open tryouts and scouting invitations.  Criteria for evaluating players are:

  1. Technique
  2. Tactical Understanding of the Game
  3. Fitness and Athletic Ability
  4. Attitude

Other than the Goalkeeper position, ODP tryouts are not for a specific position, but for a team.  The head coach of that team will decide where a player is best suited to play within that team.  While experience and success in a particular position will be taken into consideration at tryouts and for tournament team selection, a coach may decide to play a player in a position they do not play on their club team.  Goalkeepers, however, are selected based on that specific position.  In most cases, a player selected as Goalkeeper will only play as a Goalkeeper and not on the field.

How Many Players are Selected?

July and August tryouts are for Northern Nevada ODP pools.  The pools (25 to 35 players of the same birth year) usually has more players than can be taken to the ODP Championship tournament.   The pools will train as a group approximately 6 times September through November.  At the end of pool training, the head coach will select 18 players and 3 alternates for a tournament team.  The tournament team will train together through the month of December, then travel and compete in the ODP Championship tournament in January (Phoenix, AZ).

What is the ODP Schedule?

Tryouts will be July 20th and 21st, 2019 and August 10th and 11th.  Pool training (6 sessions on Sundays) starting early September through November at a location in Reno or Sparks.  We expect a friendly matches in early December (within a few hours driving distance) on either a Saturday or Sunday.  ODP Championships is a four day tournament scheduled for January 3rd through 6th, 2020.

Does a Player have to attend all the Tryouts?

No.  We recommend players attend as many Tryouts as they can, but it is not required to attend all Tryouts.  At the coaching staff’s discretion, players may be scouted and recruited into the program without attending tryouts.

Does a Player have to attend all the Training Sessions?

No.  We recommend players attend as many Training sessions as they can, but it is not required to attend all training sessions.  At the coaching staff’s discretion, players may be recruited into the program and selected for the tournament team without attending any of the tryouts or training sessions.

What if a Player is injured for Tryouts?

Injured players should register before the end of tryouts, even if they can not attend due to injury, and Contact Us to get more information and to arrange for evaluation when healthy.

Can a Player participate in Northern Nevada ODP and Nevada ODP?

Players are welcome to tryout for both programs, however players can not participate in both programs at the same time.  They must choose one if selected for both.

Does a Player need to Tryout if they made Nevada ODP or Regional team last year?

Yes, each year is a brand new Tryout.  All players interested in participating should register for tryouts each year.