2020 Northern Nevada ODP Format

Northern Nevada ODP will be changing the program format for the 2020-21 cycle.  As we enter the third cycle operating as our own “state” within the USYS and under NYSA’s Olympic Development Program, we will be making adjustments and improvements in order to best serve our soccer community and provide the best opportunity for our elite soccer talent to showcase their abilities.

Our format changes have been planned for quite some time, however COVID-19 restrictions will require us to postpone the starting date (originally scheduled for April).  We anticipate starting training approximately 30 days after our local clubs are back on the fields, provided USYS and NYSA guidelines allow.  At present that date is To Be Determined.  As events unfold, we will modify the program format where necessary to operate appropriately under USYS, NYSA, state and local government guidelines while providing an ODP opportunity for our soccer community.  Fees will be determined once we know a start date and can estimate the scope and duration of the modified program.


The new format will…

  • Lessen conflicts with club and high school commitments for both players and coaches thereby increasing participation and attendance.
  • Make the program more affordable by spreading fees over a longer period of time and allow all participants to pay monthly installments.
  • Increase the value of the program and preparedness of our teams by extending the cycle duration, adding competition and creating a program identity.
  • Improve the viability and stability of the program.

Summary of Important Changes:

  • All players that attended the ODP Championships or the Select Tournament in the previous cycle and are in good standing, will receive automatic invitations to register and join the ODP Pool for the following cycle.  We will NOT be holding Open Tryouts.
  • Pool training will begin with returning tournament players and the pools will be increased through a process of recommendations and scouting.  Each training session new players will be on trial.
  • New players will be invited to attend monthly training sessions as a tryout with the recommendation of their club’s Director of Coaching or ODP Staff Coach.  There will still be NO COST to tryout for Northern Nevada ODP, but you must have an invitation based on a qualified recommendation.
  • ODP Training will be mid-week evenings and occur regularly on a monthly basis.  All local clubs and coaches will be notified of ODP training days well in advance.   ODP players will be expected to attend ODP training over club team training.
  • Pools made up of primarily high school age players will not train or meet during the Northern Nevada High School soccer season.
  • Tournament teams will be selected earlier that previous years to provide additional time for preparation as teams and travel planning.
  • Northern Nevada ODP will have a program identity.  This identity will prepare our elite talent to play at the next level by teaching them concepts of play that are being implemented at the regional and national level; but also give them a clear understanding of the criteria on which they are being evaluated by both our coaching staff and the regional/national scouts.   Our identity will incorporate a system of play; consistent language, terminology and training principles; and the US Soccer’s key qualities of a player.

At this time we are hard at work creating the program Identity and learning materials for both coaches and players.   During the month of May, we will be assembling our coaching staff and familiarizing them with our new format.  Approximately 30 days prior to our first training session (date to be determined) we will send out invitations to register for the 2020-21 cycle to all players in good standing that were on tournament rosters.  At that time we will also request club D.O.C’s submit recommendations for new players to tryout for ODP and, once local games have begun, start to send coaches to watch games to scout and invite players that have not attended ODP training.