Information for 2009 Players

Players born in 2009 are invited to join Northern Nevada Select.  Our Select program is a precursor for Northern Nevada ODP.  We run pool training for the 2009 age group just like our ODP age groups, however the 2009 teams will participate in a tournament in Sacramento, CA on December 7th and 8th.  The 2009 teams do not travel to the ODP Region IV Championships in Phoenix, AZ as there isn’t an age group in ODP for 2009.

2009 players are, however, eligible to play-up with the 2008 teams at the ODP Championships.  Playing up IS NOT something that can be requested by a parent or player.  It is at the sole discretion of our coaching staff and the final decision lies with our Director of Coaching.  The decision is based not whether they are good enough to make the older team, but whether they are strong enough to be one of the best players on the older team.  In the event a 2009 player is asked to join the 2008 team in Phoenix, they will be required to also play with the 2009 team in December (and pay tournament fees) and train with both teams in preparation for the tournaments.

Deadline for registration is midnight August 30th, 2019